About Us

“Fashion is not about looking like one of a million but one in a million.”

AGT Basics is a new, made-on-demand collection from Singapore’s first mobile showroom tailor, A Gentleman’s Tale.

Throughout most of 2020, the quote “All dressed up and nowhere to go” has taken on a new and real meaning for many. As the world shifts from a 9-5 office routine to daily Zoom calls from home, fashion too has taken on a new direction. People find themselves housebound with little places to go – save for trips to the grocer and some leisure time. Home working has relaxed work attire but even as we return to the office some trends are here to stay.

The global pandemic presented a new opportunity for A Gentleman’s Tale to create a collection that embraces the new norm on how we dress – for work and for play. AGT Basics injects fun, colours, and personal style into what we see as the new office fashion. From short-sleeved shirts to berms, we introduce colourful fabrics and design twists that make each piece unique from the ubiquitous off-the-rack look. You can easily choose from a selection that not only looks professional for work, but sophisticated for a casual outing.

AGT Basics Made On Demand collection embraces fashion as an art form, as it should be, that is geared for self-expression and individualism.

Find out more at www.agtbasics.com.