The First Thought

It was the middle of March where the effects of COVID 19 was starting to gain traction. Regulations and suggestions issued by the Government were being taken lightly and unheeded; all of it was indicating that stricter measures were going to be in place very soon. There were rumors that Singapore would be heading into what would be a ‘Lockdown’ or ‘Movement Control Order’, similar to other countries that had already implemented such measures.

We were worried about our drafters, cutters and seamstresses state of mind and how we were going to continue taking care of them. We kept hearing their worries about the dwindling income from the lack of orders for tailored outfits coming in. We received calls from small traditional fabric suppliers and the larger fabric houses checking in on whether they can supply us with any fabrics or wondering why our orders have dropped significantly. We heard all of them and at the same time our inner voices over the worry of whether our business will be able to pull through this period started getting louder and louder.

Kenneth and I stopped one day, we stopped trying to be busy, we stopped conversing internally with our individual selves, and we stopped trying to figure out how to save the business. When we stopped all the ‘noise’ we started looking together at what it is right now and what can we do right now that will make a difference not only to our work family but to our personal family, friends and the people around us.

That’s when we started exploring the possibility of producing masks with the limited knowledge and resources that we had.  What we knew we had in abundance was love, hope and faith, that if we put our heads together, we will find a way.

We are not sure we have found a way, but I know we have found a certain level of fulfilment. 

~ Lyn