Designing the Unfamiliar

With no knowledge and background on designing a mask, we turned to the Internet, online journals, Japan and Taiwan masks sellers and designs available (since these two countries already had a culture of wearing reusable masks), discussions with our production team and friends in the medical industry for help.

Questions that we were asking or typing in the search field were variations of:

  • How to make a reusable mask
  • Best fabrics to use to make a mask
  • Household fabrics protection against viruses
  • Size of a coronavirus
  • Most popular mask designs
  • What makes a good reusable mask

Our intent then was to allow our seamstresses to continue earning an income and providing affordable locally (Singapore) produced reusable masks. 

We started selling the masks through word of mouth, contacting our friends and family if they were interested in purchasing reusable masks. Our very first few customers were our family, friends and loyal customers from A Gentleman's Tale. (A Gentleman's Tale is a tailoring business that Kenneth and myself founded in 2015) Words will never be able to convey the deep felt appreciation I have, that these were our herd that were there when we reached out. 

~ Lyn